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What’s Filling Your Samoosa?

Without a doubt, the holy trinity of samoosa fillings is without a doubt beef, chicken and veg BUT did you know that there is pretty much no limit to what you can try as a samoosa filling. From fish to chilli chocolate, though not together, the samoosa is one of the most flexible and fun mediums of food you’ll find. Let’s dig in for a bite, as I share with you the top 8 samoosa fillings you simply have to try.

Fried Rice Samoosa

Got some left over rice from last night? Perfect – crack an egg in the middle of a pan surrounded by rice, fry it all up and stuff you samoosa pastry. Now you have a very delicious serving of Egg Friend Rice Samoosas. For something a little extra special, add some spice to the rice to make it extra nice.

Cheese Delight Samoosa

This one allows for a wealth of ideas to try, but cheese makes a wonderful filling for many foods and pastries are among the best. Don’t get me wrong though, we’re not talking gouda or cheddar – that’s so boring. How about cracking some feta, or cottage cheese or even paneer (common in Indian Cuisine)? Just remember the spices needed to give samoosas that kick.

Pasta Samoosa

Less a fusion than a car collision, this mix of Indian and Italian cuisine actually works! Make perfect use of left over pastas and sauces by tucking it into a samoosa. The trick to getting this just right is to make sure the pasta is very dry so that you avoid a very soggy samoosa – this works with all kinds of pasta too!

Chowmein Samoosa

If pasta is too weird for you but you’d still like something different, then a chowmein samoosa may be just the thing. Chowmein is usually inherently spicy too, which means it apt – yum! I suggest you try the Hakka noodles though the usual Indian noodles work just as well.

Chickpea Samoosa

Texture can be the difference between a good fusion and a great one, which is why the crunchy exterior and soft, starchy interior of a Chickpea Samoosa is a rather exquisite pairing indeed. Though this perfect pairing of texture is also true of many legumes in samoosas, so experiment away.

Chocolate Samoosa

For the lovers of all things sweet, filling a crunchy samoosa shell with chocolate chips or Nutella is an absolutely must! Good luck hosting a dinner party that ends with any of these little guys left, it’s not even likely. If you’re serious about retaining that chilli bite, mix the melted chocolate with red chilli shavings for a chilli chocolate samoosa.

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