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Tour De Sauce: Sauces That Go Everywhere

A good sauce can make or break a dish, overwhelm the senses, turn a fish dish into a famous feast and hold a family secret for generations. There are some sauces that you would want to use a dash of, while others run like rivers over our fries, salads and burger buns. Sauces are important for mainly these 4 reasons:

  • Texture: chunky or smooth, liquid-thin or oil-based… you decide.
  • Complimentary: Balance flavours from all the ingredients in a dish.
  • Juiciness: Especially when grilling and sautéing, which leaves meat dry.
  • Visuals: It can be said our tastebuds are the second sense we taste with; sauces can make a dish appetising to the eyes.

Braai Sauce

Burgers to ribs, pork chops to venison and chicken, a braai isn’t complete with a bit of braai sauce. Sure your salads may be thirsty in the presence of braai sauce but you can’t impress everyone. While the taste is always similar, braai sauce is amongst the move versatile sauces there is – finding use as a marinade, basting or topping. What we call braai sauce is also found in South America as asado, Asia as Hoisin sauce and in the United States and Australia as barbeque sauce (or barbie sauce).

Give this recipe a try and delight in your own homemade braai sauce.


Now for something a little different, but no less versatile, Chimichurri is from another south across the Atlantic – South America. A cuisine speciality of Argentine, Uruguayan or Nicaraguan origin (depending on who you talk to), Chimichurri is made of finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and white vinegar; sometimes adding a bit of red pepper flakes gives it a kick. No one is quite sure why this sauce has such an interesting name, but it’s definitely as much a mouthful as the sauce.

Try this lekker sauce with a bit of chicken and get the recipe here.


Chutney is as confused about its identity as it is about its purpose. Is it a jam, is it a sauce? Actually, this is why we love this Indian condiment. Chutney is so versatile a sauce that the only thing necessary for its name is making sure you make it by grinding fresh ingredient up at the start. Mint chutney, for example, is made by grinding mint (au natural), coriander, and green chili with yoghurt. Some chutneys are smooth, some are chunky, some are served as a condiment and others as a dish. Chutney is the very definition of a Tour de Sauce… a sauce that goes everywhere.


Join us in the KitchenCoZa house for our take on Peach and Apricot Chutney this week!