Many kitchens, many cultures, an entrée of lekker recipes – KitchenCoZa is South Africa's own YouTube cooking show and we saved you a spot at the table. Join us every Tuesday for new episodes.

Sue-ann Allen

Feeding and entertaining people gives me my greatest pleasure as does long days in the kitchen experimenting and inventing. Speciality: Slow roast Asian style pork belly on chilli ginger cabbage with crisped noodles. Earliest Cooking Memory: I was 5yrs old, making Saturday bacon and eggs for my folks in bed. Dream Dinner Guest: My gran – she taught me the basis of my cooking knowledge and she gave me my passion for food. Special SA Getaway: Seascape Cottage in Betty's Bay – a holiday away from the world. Worst Dinner Ever: At the early stages of the Masterchef SA competition we were asked to make a curry. I over thought it and so deconstructed mine, thinking this would impress. It did not, at all. I was left with virtually no curry sauce when it came to plate, it was a disaster, and worse of all the whole country was watching! Your Dish in a Pinch: My slow cooked lamb shank dish, served on creamy mash with seasonal veg. @Sue-Ann

Lentswe Bhengu

The world makes sense to me when I’m slow cooking a meal for a room full of people. I love to stay fit by keeping active, I laugh way too much for my own good. Speciality: African dishes Earliest Cooking Memory: Passing spices to my mom while she was cooking. Dream Dinner Guest: Augusto Escoffier, the boss of modern cooking. Special SA Getaway: Salt Rock in KZN for the secret and warm beaches. Worst Dinner Ever: The first time I made gnocchi, I got my ratios of flour and potato incorrect. The ‘gnocchi’ I made was dense; it never rose to the top. I cried in the fridge because I had wasted so much. I threw it away in the bin and made the recipe again… and it flopped. Your Dish in a Pinch: Homemade ravioli with caramelised onion & roasted gem squash filing – with a creamy bacon sauce. @Lentswe

Tiaan Langenegger

My life has been a journey from working in top restaurants to cooking on a tea plantation in Malawi to a contestant on a reality cooking show and now a presenter and judge for one! Speciality: Deep flavours and rich texture. Earliest Cooking Memory: Making flapjacks on a chair in front of the stove. Dream Dinner Guest: Jamie Oliver, by far the number 1 inspiration for what I do, and how I do it. Special SA Getaway: Hermanus, because whales – but, shhhh, it's really Betty's Bay. Worst Dinner Ever: I used salt instead of sugar on top of a brulee. Eek, salt does not melt! Your Dish in a Pinch: Fish for sure – I think people overcook fish, always, and just by not overcooking it makes a huge difference! @Tiaan