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Make Your Next Braai a Potjie Braai

What’s more South African than a braai? How about a potjie braai! This little black iron-cast pot has been rooted deep in our cultural heritage for centuries. No sooner had settlers stepped onto the shores of Cape Town was a potjie hanging over the kitchen fire by a chain become commonplace.

Potjiekos, which literally means ‘pot food’, may have been brought over by our Dutch ancestors but it was modern day South Africans who mastered the art of the pot. Today, it is so versatile that everything from pot brood to pudding and, of course, braaivleis are cooked to perfecting under the bubbling lid of a potjie.

Enough of the History – Dig In!

Here’s just a few of our favourite potjie dishes to try at your next braai:

  • Thai Butternut Bake Potjie

We’re not pulling punches here – this one’s a little out there but that exactly why you have to try this out! A bit of Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, garlic cloves and, of course, the deliciousness of butternut pack the potjie with power.

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  • West Coast Seafood Potjie

Yes, that’s how amazing a potjie is: it even does seafood. It doesn’t get more cosy than at home, so try this truly South African-styled seafood potjie straight from the West Coast. Black mussels, prawns and white fish fillets make this one rich.

Get the recipe for this on Pick n Pay’s new Light Your Fire braai site right now.

  • The Master’s Potbrood

A potjie is so versatile, it can even bake bread! But this isn’t your average bread, this is potbrood – which you can stuff full of goodness. For example, peppadews, baby tomatoes, green peppers, onions, even apricots, are all interesting ingredients that can be baked into the bread itself!

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