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Looking on the Braai’d Side: Best Braai Sides

Looking on the Braai’d Side: Best Braai Sides

A lekker boerie, coal, fire, drinks and good company – these are without a doubt the essentials for a braai. But what if we wanted to add that extra special something? Here are a quick 5 of the best South African braai sides.

1. The Chip Dip

We know that patience is not a needed virtue while your chops are on the griddle – we’re going to snack on chips. That’s why a lekker chip dip has to be on this list! Our personal favourite takes a South African favourite, biltong, and is ready in less than 30 minutes (patience notwithstanding).

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2. Garlic Toasties

When the snack attack hits, reach for a tiny loaf of braai crisped garlic bread or a toastie. This tides over the hungry hoards of guests who can smell the meat cooking just right – the pizza-style garlic bread is so good it might even steal the show, but save some space for the boerie.

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3. Kebabs

Hold up meat-lovers, braais are about enjoying your company and that means catering for the veggie-lovers too! The traditional egg salad is great, but we’re going to try something a little different today. All the eats, without the cheats; a delicious vegetable kabab with sweet chilli sauce is nothing short of abra-kebab-ra magic.

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4. Kebabs

Who said dessert is off the table – we’ve absolutely got to have a little something sweet to eat at the perfect braai. Why settle for a lump of ice-cream or the usual strawberries when you’ve got a griddle to use – try a delicious helping of grilled banana with cinnamon for a treat that leaves an impression. It’s also ready in under 30 minutes!

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5. Potbrood

Now we’re cooking with gas! There’s more than meets the eye with a good potbrood – infuse it with chillies, biltong shavings and definitely garlic and watch it (and your guest’s spirits) rise. It does take a while but makes a heavenly companion for any chops, wors or chicken you’ve got grilling.

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