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3 Delicious Treats Only a South African Would Make

When it comes to having a sweet tooth, we South Africans have a lekker variety of treats and eats available to us – best of all, most are very simple to make (maybe not so much to stop munching). The reason for our wealth of delicious treats is no doubt caused by the vineyard like sprawl of South African ancestry. From the Netherlands, Germany, South East Asia, India and more, generations of pastries, pies and puddings have found the Southern Tip of Africa, and the millions of taste buds that call it home.

Here are 3 of the best!


We covered koeksisters in KitchenCoZa season 1, but we didn’t really get into where they came from. Well, the word koeksister is of Dutch origin and directly translates into ‘cookie’. Of course if you’ve ever had one, you’ll know they’re less like a cookie and more like a sticky deep-fried, crispy treat with and ice-cold syrupy centre. The key to a mal’delish koeksister is in getting the oil for frying incredibly hot.

Get the KitchenCoZa recipe for koeksisters here.

Boeber Dessert

Not rich enough for you? Well then try this creamy cinnamon-infused treat that can be served both as a pudding or a thick, malty drink. Inspired by traditionally Cape Malay cuisine, Boeber is a cheeky with saffron and sultanas, made to serve in many ways – if you want it as thick as possible, then simply use more sago. While boeber is not as famous as milktert or even koeksisters, it’s truly a dish to discover and a treat to eat (or drink).

Get the Pick n Pay Boeber recipe here.

Pumpkin Fritters

A bit of the sweet, a bit of the savoury, this eclectic treat can be enjoyed either as a lunchbox treat or, believe it or not, as a side with some of our local game and venison or even with fish! Yes, the sweet-yet-spicy pumpkin fritter is actually quite typical of foods of a Malay origin. Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on and around plate and watch the kids devour vegetables quicker than you can say “surprise!”

Stay tuned to KitchenCoZa this week for the Pumpkin Fritters recipe.

South Africa is truly a melting pot of people, which is an apt metaphor since people have such wide and varied tastes – and luckily for us, there’s nothing Saffas love more than a lekker bit of dessert.